At Alchemy Consulting Group, we are purposeful and intentional in bringing suitable candidates to your organization using a five-phase process.

  1. Learn the Organization

    Our consultants work closely with you to understand the purpose of the executive search, the goals, and the challenges. We research and ask relevant questions to understand the role and the necessary skills to fill that role, the ideal leadership profile, and how the person who fills that role fits into the organization’s culture.

  2. Establish the Search Strategy

    Based on the organization’s purpose and objectives, our consultants determine the appropriate search strategy that aligns with your needs. Whether broad-range, client-specific, or hard-to-fill, we leverage our global networks and industry standards to bring you candidates who are at the top of their game. 

  3. Assess the Candidates

    Using the ACG proprietary assessment tool, we can gain valuable insight into the intricacies of each candidate. We conduct rigorous, comprehensive evaluations examining everything from competencies to cultural fit, ensuring the highest caliber candidates.

  4. Present Best-qualified Candidates

    We visually present the best-qualified candidates and an analysis of competitor talent to show that our candidates are head and shoulders above the others.

  5. After the Search

    We look to foster long-term success that goes beyond executive search and placement. We aim for the long-term impact of proper leadership style and cultural fit, constantly communicating through the transition and conducting surveys to know how to improve.