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Welcome to Alchemy Consulting Group (ACG), where we redefine executive search to forge powerful leadership teams for your organization. Our approach is not just about filling positions; it is about crafting your company’s future with leaders who inspire and innovate. ACG adds value by leveraging our vast network and industry insights to find the perfect match for your organization. Our executive search team matches internal and external candidates, transforming change from one end of the spectrum to another.

Our Expertise:

Our combined 60+ years of experience has helped our consultants cultivate relevant criteria to match the best executives.

  • Tailored Search Strategies: We understand that each organization is unique. Our bespoke search strategies align with your needs, ensuring the right fit, not just the proper resume.
  • Global Talent Pool: With our extensive global network, we access a diverse pool of top-tier candidates, bringing world-class leadership to your doorstep.
  • Deep Industry Insights: Our team, with expertise in various industries such as non-profits, municipalities, energy, oil and gas, healthcare, education, and other public and private sector entities, brings invaluable insights, ensuring we identify leaders who can navigate the complexities of your sector.
  • Commitment to Diversity: We believe in the power of diverse perspectives. Our search process champions diversity, equity, and inclusion, reflecting your organization's values and enhancing its performance.

Our Services:

Our consultants know the difference between recruiting and executive search. We go beyond merely attracting candidates to apply for a job. We look for the ultimate pairing of mindset and skill sets that fit your company culture.

  • Discovery & Alignment We immerse ourselves in your organization's culture, goals, and challenges, ensuring a deep understanding of the ideal leadership profile.
  • Strategic Search Leveraging our global networks and industry knowledge, we identify and match candidates who are not just qualified but are true game changers.
  • Specialized Role Search — We expand the strategic search to include client and industry-specific requirements for roles that require unique expertise or are hard to fill.
  • Rigorous AssessmentOur comprehensive evaluation process helps reduce unconscious bias and examines candidates' competencies, leadership styles, and cultural fit, ensuring only the highest caliber candidates are presented.
  • Support Beyond PlacementWe assist with seamless onboarding and continued support, ensuring long-term success for both the leader and your organization.

The ACG target market is mid- to senior-level placements within various industries.

  • C-Suite — Chief-level positions such as CEO, CFO, and CTO (starting at $200k annual salary)
  • Senior Management — Senior leadership roles below the C-suite (starting at $85k annual salary)

Why Alchemy?

  • Proven Track Record: We have a history of successful placements in key leadership roles across various sectors.
  • Personalized Approach: Our consultants work closely with you, providing personalized, discreet, and strategic support throughout the search process.
  • Talent Mapping: We visually present potential candidates in the market.
  • Competitive Analysis: We analyze competitor organizations and their talent landscape.
  • Long-term Partnerships: We build lasting relationships, becoming a trusted advisor for all your leadership needs.

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